Is your mattress protector really protecting?

We have a lot to say about mattress protectors, but, for the sake of your sanity, we’ll keep it brief… Here is team SANIC’s MATTRESS PROTECTOR LOW-DOWN: 

Your bed is designed to breathe —  the base is a frame with slats and breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate underneath the mattress.  The mattress is made up of special foams and fabrics that allow air to move through it, keeping you cool while you sleep and allowing the mattress to stay dry. Now wrap your bed in a plastic-backed mattress protector and its just as good as putting your mattress into a Pick ‘n Pay packet and sleeping on it. Not a good idea. 


  1. NIGHT SWEATS — Ever wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? Well, it’s not a bad dream — sleeping on a bin bag (plastic-backed mattress protector) will have you sweating even in winter!
  2. BACTERIA & FUNGI — Any moisture that may have previously gotten into your mattress is now trapped in there and can’t dry out. A moisture-filled mattress is a prime environment for bacteria and fungi to grow.
  3. PROTECTOR HYGIENE — We generally tend to wash plastic-backed mattress protectors less because over-washing causes them to pucker, peel and lose their waterproofing, but we forget that we are often sweating through our linen onto the protector. Putting crisp linen on top of a dirty mattress protector (gross!) is a no-go, but, we do it all the time…


Take a look at your mattress protector right now… — if its plastic-backed, we’d suggest that you consider an alternative (potty-training moms being the exception). Alternatives like towelling or quilted mattress protectors are a better option- look for breathable on the label too. The great thing about breathable protectors is that they are easy to wash regularly with the rest of your linen. A breathable mattress protector keeps your mattress well ventilated and lets air circulate like it should while you sleep.

And finally, we’re sure you know this, but here’s a reminder that mattress protectors alone can’t protect us from germs in mattresses, and that’s why we recommend using SANIC to thoroughly sanitise your mattress.


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