Sanic Hack: A Lifesaver for Tired Moms in the Middle of the Night

A Lifesaver for Tired Moms in the Middle of the Night

Accidents will happen.

This hack is for moms! We all know those late-night baby mishaps can be a real struggle. Accidents happen: a leaky nappy, a wee during a nappy change, vomit, a leaking boob, or a spilled bottle. Who wants to start cleaning in the middle of the night? And even if you wanted to do a midnight clean, it’s often not possible to leave the baby to get cleaning supplies, or you don’t want to turn on the lights and wake the baby, or you are simply too exhausted.

That’s where SANIC comes to the rescue. Keep a bottle of SANIC within reach during the night.

Generously sprinkle a bunch of SANIC over the accident area, and you don’t need to think about it until the morning. SANIC works its magic by absorbing moisture, saving your carpet, changing mat, pillow, or mattress from getting soaked. It will also neutralise the smell, so you won’t have to endure the scent of baby pee, vomit, or milk all night long.

Sanic Baby fresh bottle flat lay with grey babygrow, wooden rainbow and a pacifier. When the sun comes up and your sense of humor returns, simply sweep up the powder with a brush and pan or vacuum it up. You can then choose to give the area a good scrub with soap and water or use a stain remover if needed. Remember, after this proper cleaning, you can use SANIC again to dry the area so that there is no damp smell.

Bonus tip: SANIC Baby Fresh makes a fantastic baby shower gift for a new mom, and it’s the perfect opportunity to share this hack with her. She’ll thank you later!

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