How We Started

SANIC, a female-owned company in Cape Town, South Africa, is dedicated to manufacturing an exceptional range of home cleaning powders. Our products have been carefully created to maintain the cleanliness, hygiene, and freshness of your mattresses, couches, carpets, and pet beds. We’ve invested considerable time in crafting fragrances that our customers love, as they truly make your home smell amazing.

I’m Kate Dales, the proud founder of SANIC. Inspired by my father’s mattress retail business, I recognised the importance of a clean sleep environment. South Africans spend an average of 7 hours and 20 minutes in bed daily, yet mattress cleaning is often overlooked. That’s where SANIC steps in!

Our mission is to provide a safe and eco-friendly solution. We have created a product to safeguard your respiratory health, allergies, indoor air quality, and general well-being while preserving the comfort and support of your mattress.

Moreover, we realised that our cleaning powders can protect more than just your mattress; they can be used on all sorts of upholstered items, even on items for pets or babies, AND they neutralise bad odours. SANIC is truly an all-purpose household hero.

Join us on this exciting journey to create a cleaner and happier environment together—one that always smells fresh!

Kate Dales
Founder of SANIC