Frequently Asked Questions

1.SPRINKLE down the SANIC powder on any upholstered furniture or surface. Our cleverly designed shaker bottle makes it very simple to evenly distribute the powder.
2. WAIT at least 20mins for it to work! The longer the better. You can even leave the powder for a couple hours if you like.
3. VACUUM it up. You can use a dry or wet vacuum. The powder easily disappears into the vacuum without leaving residue.

Carpets, rugs and mats
Upholstered car seats
Car mats
Pet Beds
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Yes! Not only is SANIC hypo-allergenic, it also helps keep allergies, especially dust mite allergies, at bay.

Yes, use SANIC on your upholstered car seats before you vacuum your car. Great for people who put pets in their car. (SANIC is not appropriate for leather seats)

Yes! SANIC absorbs pet odours well and is a great solution for pet beds

SANIC absorbs dampness and musty smells that can occur in homes that have been shut for a long time.

Think about how much time we spend on our couches and beds… We sweat, shed skin, hair, invite our pets to sit with us, and maybe drop a few crumbs. Couple our everyday with warm upholstery and you have the perfect breeding ground for germs. Um, yes (disgusting!)… but don’t worry, SANIC will sanitise these areas so you won’t have to think about them again.

SANIC has a wonderful fresh smell that has been created with organic essentials oils. No artificial perfumes or alcohols have been used.

No Sanic is not intended to remove stains, especially not old stains.

However, SANIC does lift dirt when using it regularly which can prevent fabrics discolouring and looking grubby. SANIC absorbs moisture which can be helpful to absorb the liquid about to create a stain. SANIC is great for lifting and absorbing oil (but must be applied when the accident occur)

Yes, absolutely, our home range is safe for your pet and you can use it on pet beds too.

Yes, SANIC can be used on any dry-clean only clothing items, lay the piece of clothing flat, sprinkle the powder inside and outside the garment leave for 20 mins- 1 hour, the longer the more effective, then shake the garment out over the bath/shower. Don’t forget to to put some extra powder in the armpit area.

Yes, the SANIC home powders are great for pet beds too.

Any of the SANIC home products are great for cleaning mattresses, and they are safe for pets.

SANIC your mattresses, couches and carpets to get rid of dust mites hiding in these places. Dust mites are what cause dust allergies, and SANIC will target your dust mites.

A minimum of 20 mins. If you are wanting to deep clean, spring clean or get rid of damp or a stubborn smell leave the powder on for longer, 2-4 hours. It is safe to leave the powder on over night if that suits. The longer you leave it on the more time it has to it job, the bigger the job the more time it needs.