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Crisp and clean fragrance

SANIC Field Fresh brings the invigorating scent of eucalyptus leaves into your home. This crisp, minty aroma revitalises your space and provides a refreshing clean.

Ideal for use on mattresses, couches, carpets, and pet beds. It also works wonders for refreshing dry-clean-only clothing or shoes.

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Bold and Blossoming Fragrance

SANIC Floral Fresh envelops your home in a fragrant bouquet of blossoms, with delightful notes of geranium. Imagine the essence of springtime captured in a bottle.

Perfect for use on mattresses, couches, carpets, and pet beds. Additionally, it’s great for refreshing dry-clean-only clothing or shoes.

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Powdery and soft fragrance

SANIC Baby Fresh is crafted for the young and sensitive, featuring a subtle and mild fragrance. We carefully selected sweet, gentle, and pregnancy-safe essential oils for this soothing blend.

Use it on cot mattresses, fabric play mats, baby nests/sleeping cocoons, breastfeeding pillows, prams, and children’s car seats. It’s also perfect for those midnight accidents – simply Sanic it now and clean thoroughly in the morning. This product is for anyone who loves a gentle, comforting scent, not just new families.

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Earthy and Natural Fragrance

SANIC Pet Fresh offers a safe and effective solution for maintaining pet bed hygiene and freshness. This earthy fragrance, accented with lavender, neutralises pet odours and keeps your pet’s space clean and comfortable. Formulated with anti-tick and flea properties to ensure your pet’s health and comfort.


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