SANIC for a better guest experience

Clean, Safe, and Comfortable

For hotel owners, providing a clean and comfortable environment for guests is essential for a positive experience. With SANIC, you can help guests feel at ease and at home, leading to satisfied guests and a better reputation for your hotel. In other words, a clean, comfortable hotel room is the key to exceptional hospitality.

Hygiene Haven for Visitors

When it comes to guest comfort, the bed plays a vital role. It serves as a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day. However, mattresses have a tendency to accumulate dust, dead skin cells, sweat, bodily fluids, and hair. This creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mites. Addressing infestations can be a costly and daunting task, while dust allergies caused by invisible dust mites residing in mattresses can cause serious allergic reactions and a lot of discomfort for guests.

SANIC can also be used on couches and carpets.

SANIC is also great for eliminating odours. If guests ever illegally smoke in your accommodation, use SANIC to eliminate the smell of smoke before new guests arrive. Or use SANIC in accommodation that smells musty from being closed up.

How to Use SANIC for Hospitality

1. Sprinkle: Apply SANIC powder generously to the desired area.
2. Wait: Allow SANIC to work for 20 minutes.
3. Vacuum: Thoroughly vacuum the treated area.

Additional Tips:
  • For maximum efficiency, we recommend that your cleaners strip and treat the beds with SANIC first. This way, the 20-minute waiting time can be utilised effectively, allowing your staff to clean other areas without adding any extra time to the overall process.
  • Thanks to SANIC’s dry formula, you can immediately replace the linen after vacuuming. This convenience ensures minimal disruption to your operations and allows for a seamless transition.
  • One 500g bottle of SANIC generously covers 4 king size extra length beds.

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