25 places you never thought of to clean with SANIC

We wrapped up the year with our advent calendar counting down 25 different places you can use SANIC. There are definitely some places that we hadn’t thought of before. We are so excited that there are so many different places you can use SANIC to clean and freshen your home, car, baby or pet items.
Here is the summary of all the clever places you can clean and freshen with SANIC.

1. Nursing chair
2. Sneakers or running shoes
3. Bean bags
4. Prams
5. Car seats
6. Cat beds
7. Day beds
8. Pillows and cushions
9. Hammocks
10. Baby car seats
11. Office chair
12. Bay window seating
13. Dog beds

14. Car mats
15. Camp cots
16. Blankets
17. Cat scratching post cushions
18. Baby changing mat
19. Coats and jackets
20. Kids play mats
21.Persian carpets
22. Cot Mattress
23. Handbags
24. Baby pods and doughnuts
25. Upholstered dining room chairs

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