Why you need to clean your mattress

…480 minutes per day…

…56 hours a week…

…2912 hours a year…

…A third of your life…

… that’s how much the average South African spends in their bed, sleeping. Now add time watching movies, reading books, scrolling social media, reading the news with your morning coffee, having an afternoon nap, being sick in bed for a week, or… being confined to your home during a national lockdown! That’s a lot of time in your bed!

So if we spend so much time in our beds, why aren’t we better at cleaning them? Why aren’t their products to help you clean your mattress?

Well, in comes SANIC. There wasn’t a solution, that’s why we made one. If the time you spend in your bed doesn’t convince you to clean your bed, these facts should…. 


  • FUNGUS AND FLUIDS – Body fluids, mainly sweat, seep into your mattress on a daily basis. If you don’t clean your mattress, mould and other fungi will grow. Getting rid of mould is nearly impossible, and in this case, prevention is the only cure.
  • BACTERIA AND ODOURS – Damp, warm places encourage the growth of bacteria, bodily fluids and a nice warm bed is heaven for bacteria. Bacterial growth can produce odours and can make you sick if not dealt with, fast.
  • DUST – Pollen, dirt from the outdoors, animal and human hair, dead skin, and textile fibres all make up dust. This dust moves around the house in the air and lands on our mattresses.
  • DUST MITES – We all shed dead skin, and if you’re spending 7+ hours in your bed thats a lot of dead skin. In fact, you’ll shed kilograms of dead skin in your bed over several years. Dust mites (microscopic insect-like creatures) live off these dead skin cells, and the presence of dust mites worsen allergies and asthma.
  • BED BUGS – Bed bugs like to live in dark cracks and crevices close to humans so beds are their ideal. They feed on our blood and cause red, itchy and swollen bites. Keeping your mattress clean will help eliminate the bed bugs or at least detect the infestation early. 


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