SANIC will keep your home hygienic and smelling fresh.

Properties of SANIC

— Fights bacteria.
— Absorbs moisture.
— Neutralises odours.
— Smells Field Fresh.
— Protects against bed mites.
— Protects against fungus and mould.

How to use SANIC

1 — SPRINKLE the SANIC powder on the desired area. Our cleverly designed shaker bottle makes it easy to evenly distribute the powder.

2 — WAIT 20 minutes for it to work. You can leave the powder on longer than 20 mins if you desire, or if the area is particularly damp or musty.

3 — VACUUM it up. You can use a dry or wet vacuum. The powder easily disappears into the vacuum without leaving residue.


No Plastic Packaging
Paper Packaging is FSC Approved

Animal Friendly

Non-Toxic for Pets
Not Tested on Animals
Suitable for Vegans

People Friendly

Non-toxic for Adults and Children
No Harsh Chemicals or Bleaches

SANIC can be used on

— Mattresses
— Couches
— Carpets and Mats
— Cushions
— Pet Beds
— Fabric Car Seats